Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Holiday Spirit

I could not be more excited about what's going on over at Oh, Fransson!. Have you seen the beautiful wall quilt that Elizabeth is working on for me? It's absolutely wonderful! I could not be more thrilled or feel more humbled by her generosity.

I think the holiday snuck up on me this year.  Christmas is almost here and I still have so many things to do!  There are...

cards to be mailed,

quilt sandwiches to be made,

yarns to be knitted,

books to be read,

and gifts to be purchased.

But today, like yesterday, this is what I'll be doing...


The company I freelance for has me working on holiday 2010 projects.  Right now, I'm in the middle of a collection of plush animal floor cushions.  After that, it's on to the holiday themed pillows.  Me personally, I'd just like to finish holiday 2009!


Unknown said...

I love the quilt that she is working on for you, beautiful!! But I can't believe that you are working on Holiday 2010!!

kelly said...

Wow! I just peeked at your quilt and it's beautiful - I love the unicorns! LUCKY!