Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pinata Throw

I finally decided on a layout for the pinata throw. I wanted something that would work with the large scale of the pinata fabric. A while back, I saw a baby quilt made using one large log cabin.  I can still see the photo in my head, but cannot locate the source online. I created a layout and cut the fabrics out yesterday. The top was assembled last night while Shea was out and the backing pieced today. It measures  60 x 70".

the layout

a portion of the quilt top

I didn't have a single piece of batting large enough for this quilt on hand, so I decided to splice and piece two left-over pieces. It's my first time to piece batting, so I hope it holds together after washing. I opted for the curvy cut with machine zig-zag stitching.

I was terribly disappointed to learn the hard way that Warm and Natural is not 100% cotton as I was lead to believe by the packaging. I pressed/steamed the spliced seam after I finished sewing it and the batting melted on to the soleplate of my new iron. But, it's there, on the back of the package, in very, very tiny print:  Polypropylene 12.5%. I think I'll stick with the 50% Cotton/ 50% Bamboo batting in the future.  It's got a wonderful hand after washing.

I just need to assemble to sandwich and get busy with quilting; I've only got two full weekdays left until she's out of school for the holiday. I may have to use my 505 Spray and Fix Adhesive on this one since all 200+ of my quilters safety pins are on the scrappy log cabin sandwich waiting to be quilted!


Cristin said...

Hi Melanie,
I sometimes will zig-zag stitch two pieces of batting together... I've never seen it done wavy... but it seems to work too! I've never had a problem, with it coming apart after washing... especially if its quilting fairly close together.

I wasn't aware about the warm N' natural either! I actually prefer the cotton/bamboo anyhow - eventhough its more pricey.
LOVELY quilt top btw! Can't wait to see it finished!

Unknown said...

Love the quilt, the colors are beautiful! Yes, while at Quilt Market in 2008, the Warm Company booth did tell me that they were being held to task. They could no longer claim that it was 100% cotton because of the scrim. So the traditional Warm and Natural remains the same, but they now have a batting that is totally 100% cotton it is called Soft and Natural.

Stephanie said...

The quilt is beautiful and I am sure Shea will love it. The colors are so bright and fun!
I also love the idea of using one large log cabin pattern. The might be simple enough for me to try on my next (3rd) quilt.

Amy said...

I had no idea about Warm and Natural - I use it all the time exactly because I thought it was all cotton! I never see the packaging because I purchase it from the roll at my local quilt shop - thanks for the head's up! Also - I would never have thought to do a wavy seam to piece it together - thanks for that too.