Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Farmer's Wife Sampler QAL

Farmer's Wife Sampler Supplies
So, I mentioned that I got sucked in to the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along on flickr. These blocks are really addictive! I don't guess I'm going to formally follow the two blocks a week schedule a the quilt along, but rather just work on them when I need a quick sewing fix.

FWS Block #47 Homemaker
Actually, I use the term "quick" very loosely. That green, pink and gray block above, it's block #47 in the book, Homemaker. I'm so glad I have that one out of the way! I wasn't timing myself, but I suspect that block took me almost two hours. It was my first experience with Y seams in quilting and the one thing this book lacks for these blocks is instructions. This block had some notes that other blocks didn't have, but it still took some time to get it done right. I'm very pleased with the outcome though; I think it's my favorite block thus far.

Farmer's Wife Sampler Blocks
I discarded one of the blocks I made last week and remade it. It was really bothering me, but the replacement seems to fit in much better. So far, I've made the following blocks:

#1 Attic Windows (very top)
#6 Big Dipper (purple and gold at the bottom)
#16 Calico Puzzle (with the fuzzy cut owl in the center)
#20 Churn Dash (aqua, red, and pink)
#29 Economy (pink/purple/orange with turquoise cross weave)
#47 Homemaker (green and pink star)
#49 Honeycomb (gold peas and carrots with orange)
#68 Postage Stamp (1" squares)
#73 Rainbow Flowers (with red floral KJR)
#77 Seasons (green cross)
#91 Strawberry Basket (pink and red 1" squares atop green Hope Valley)

I read that someone else was trying to alternate tougher and easier blocks and that sounded like a great plan to me. I don't want to put off all the challenging blocks to the end and then never finish because of frustration.

Speaking of finishing, I need do a round up of all my UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and take a look at everything I've got in the works. Maybe if I put them all together in a post, it might help me prioritize and get excited about finishing some things up. I did work on the hexagon charm quilt this weekend for the first time in months. That beast deserves it's own post.