Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet Luc

This is Luckenbach.

Luc is a super sweet, seven-year-old Doberman who came to live with us last week. He's a gentle guy who loves following us around the house, running and playing at the park, and looking handsome. Luc is extremely well mannered, but he seems a little confused about who is supposed to be walking who when we go out on the leash. He really likes hanging out in the sewing room on the rug, but he's a little bigger than the four and ten pound Yorkies I'm used to stepping over. We're excited to have him with us and I wanted you to meet him.

I did a little sewing yesterday. I made a laptop sleeve for my work computer. I'm going on another trip to Milwaukee this weekend and I'm trying to avoid having to check a bag. I can think of a number of things I'd rather spend $50 on than giving it to American Airlines just to transport my suitcase in the belly of the plane.

I still use one of those big, black 1990's style briefcases to carry my laptop and all it's stuff. I see cute laptop sleeves all the time for smaller computers, but mine is 17" and the pickings get slim in the larger size, plus this one didn't cost me anything. I'll just toss this and the power cord in my tote and be done with it. I hope it's as functional as it is cute.

I used one layer of bamboo batting inside and constructed it quilt-as-you-go style. If I made another one, I'd probably use two layers of cotton or bamboo batting or maybe a layer of cotton and a layer of high-loft polyester. The lining is the same black stripe as the binding. The closure is a small length of hot pink FOE (fold-over-elastic) and a button.

Now to figure out how to cram five days of Milwaukee wear (that's Texan for clothes for freakishly cold weather) into a carry on. Hmmm.