Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday ruffle tote

I decided on a fabric for the ruffle tote. It's 100% linen in natural. I let my daughter choose the binding fabric; she said this one didn't look like a diaper bag print. I used the measurements from this pattern, but made some changes. I made my own lining, added key and cell phone pockets, changed the binding, and rather than folding the ruffles in half, I used the serger and did a rolled edge. I also left out the interfacing. I used it all day today and I really like it. I wouldn't recommend this pattern to an absolute beginner as there are no actual instructions, but it's pretty easy to put together.

I also finished my Hope Valley pinwheel sampler quilt top this afternoon. I was thinking about hand quilting this one, but I can't decide. I don't know that I love it enough to put that kind of work into it. I'm not in a hurry to get it finished, so I'll think about it for a while. 

Did you have a productive Saturday too?

P.S. Thank you for all the kind comments about the scrappy log cabin. :-)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival - My Quilt

My blog reader was filled with photos of lovely quilts this morning as part of Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival. I'm going to have to go back through Amy's list one at a time to see them all!

I've decided to share my scrappy log cabin. I don't think it's the prettiest quilt I've made, but it's the one that gets the most use around here and I love that it's constantly fulfilling it's purpose.

I started on this quilt in February 2009. It was started in one house and finished in another. It began on one sewing machine and was finished on another. It was supposed to be queen size, but it ended up a few inches shy of a twin. It's the largest quilt I've free motion quilted (69 x 82.5") and the first quilt I finished for myself.

My inspiration was a scrappy quilt at my grandmother's house. I actually have that lovely scrappy quilt now, but it's in storage so I can't show it to you. It's crazy bright and scrappy and was "loved" by many grandkids over the years. 

I originally sewed this quilt together without sashing because I wanted that crazy, over-the-top scrappy feeling, but it was just too busy. After it was about half pin basted, I took all the safety pins out and picked all the blocks apart.  I'm so glad I did.  I like it so much better with sashing.

I used a number of Amy Butler fabrics from Ginger Bliss and Charm. In most cases, I used every scrap I had of these fabrics. It also contains fabrics re-purposed from some pillowcases bought at Zara Home and Habitat in London. 

The back is a busy patchwork. It's been on a couple of picnics and has been used in the yard many times. I don't worry about grass stains on the back. It's seen the inside of a washing machine a few times already.

But this is why I love this quilt so much. It usually lives folded over the arm of the sofa. It's big enough for my family of three to snuggle under while watching a movie. It's the quilt my daughter sleeps under when she's sick and sleeps downstairs on the sofa (like last night). If we forget to fold it and it's left crumpled on the sofa, it's where my 13 year old Yorkies cuddle up. I can't wait until I have to repair this quilt someday because of years of use. It's fulfilling it's purpose.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank you.

I am overwhelmed by all of your kind comments. Thank you all so much for taking the time to let me know I'm not alone. There is comfort in being reminded that others have felt or are feeling the same thing you feel. Especially during the stinky times life hands us.

I had lunch with a sweet friend today whom I always enjoy spending time with. She brought me some mini pink roses in an attempt "restore my faith in humanity". I probably went overboard yesterday, but I think I got to that point where my extreme anger over the break-in turned to sadness and I needed to vent. Thank you all for being there. And thank you, S, for the gorgeous roses and lunch company. I think I'm going to keep the roses in my sewing room all to myself!

I picked up a few things at my LQS Monday and then stopped at Hobby Lobby for a fabric pen (for the siggy swap) yesterday. Nothing like a little retail therapy!

Two and a half yards of a lovely, buttery soft  Lecien floral. I think this needs to become a light summer tunic in my size.

Some adorable Lecien Minny Mu and some fun Rainy Days and Mondays polka dots. I'm using the dots for my Modern Siggy Swap blocks.

A fat quarter bundle of Jennifer Paganelli's Dance with Me from the sale bin at the LQS. No plans for these yet, but I love the colors.

And, another fat quarter bundle of Windham's Merry Mushroom to add to my collection. I bought two bundles at Joann Fabrics a while back, but I found a bundle at Hobby Lobby yesterday with the brown prints, so I needed to have that one too. No plans for these yet either, but I adore the funky colors and fun prints.

Not too much sewing going on today, but I want to make this adorable ruffle tote! I'm concerned about it looking like a diaper or baby bag though, so I can't decide on fabrics. Any suggestions? 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sorry I've been away from the blog a little more than usual in the past week or so. I'm just feeling bummed and haven't felt like posting. Just after mothers day, my mother's home was burglarized. The worthless humans that did it stole things that can be replaced, like electronics and her sewing machine, but also took irreplaceable family heirlooms, namely jewelry that had belonged to my grandmothers. What evil possesses people into thinking that have the right to just take things that don't belong to them?

Me and my daddy :: circa 1973

Tomorrow will be the third anniversary of my father's premature passing. I can't believe he's been gone so long.

Getting ready for my wedding :: 1993

I wish you were here to see all the things we are doing, Daddy. I wish you were here to see Shea; you wouldn't believe how big she's grown! I wish you had been here to celebrate your 60th birthday. I know you were looking forward to a big party. I can't wait to see you again someday. I miss you.

Sorry for the downer post, but frankly, it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to. Sometimes it helps to just get things off your chest, and I can't think of putting things any further out there than in a forum like this. I'll be back tomorrow with something happy to say. I promise.