Friday, July 23, 2010

Blocks in my mailbox.

I hadn't joined a bee until I was contacted by Rachel and invited to join her do. Good Stitches {a Charity Bee}. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful effort where quilters can pool their skills to provide quilts for children in need abroad through Wrap Them With Love.

Rachel is the quilter for our first month (August) and she asked us to provide two red and aqua blocks for a sampler. The only other guidelines were that they finish at 12", that we make two of the same block, and they contain no wonky cuts or curves.
I made a couple of pinwheel blocks. I hope these are what Rachel has in mind. It's crazy that I can have so many fabrics and so few aqua prints.

My first block was an eight point star, but it finished out too big to trim down to 12", so I went with the pinwheels.

The other set of blocks I'm passing off to the postman today are headed to Lucia's house.

Lucia is a very talented fellow member of the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild. She has a 32 year-old friend, Errick, who has been diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer and has just begun chemo treatments. Lucia is a generous soul who is using her gifts to bless others. Like me, her stash was a little skimpy on masculine colors and prints, so she has called for help and I hope that these blocks will fit the bill. They are on their way, Lucia.

I am so ready for my girl to come home from camp! It's so quiet around here. I haven't gotten nearly as much work done as I had hoped, but the house is clean, organized, and ready to pack as soon as Sean gets the boxes out of the attic. I've been keeping up with my Coconut hamstersitting duties. He's so stinking cute; I can't resist playing with him. I let him explore the coffee table (under my close supervision) because he can't run away and totally avoids the edges. I stacked the books up like stairs and he climbs up and down. He climbed into my bowl of perle cotton, but then started chewing on some purple, so that didn't work out. I think he misses Shea as much as I do. I'm praying for her group to have a safe journey back to Texas tomorrow and I can't wait to see her!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hexagon Thoughts :: Progress

I've fallen behind on my hexagon posts. I've been absorbed with a few other projects lately, along with work, preparing to move next month, and constantly driving back and forth to town. But, I thought it was time for an update, so here goes.

Hexagon Charm Quilt :: Progress
I've got 472 hexagons attached to another hexagon. I'm still sewing strips of 10 and 11 together into sections and planning to attach the sections once I have more completed. I'm hoping this method will distribute the fabrics from the same collections evenly throughout the quilt.

Hexagon Charm Quilt :: Progress
A few weeks ago, I noticed another duplicate I sewed in by accident but, I'm not going to tell you where it is, you'll have to find it later! So, I went through all my basted hexagons and pulled out a number of additional duplicates. I was surprised at how many more I found. Along with the duplicates, I pulled out a number of hexies I've decided not include, mostly because I decided that the fabrics were too light/pale or too sophisticated for me.

Hexagon Charm Quilt :: Progress
As of today, that makes my basted-but-not-attached hexagon count 726. The stacks above contain 25 hexies each.

Hexagon Charm Quilt :: Progress
I have no idea how many fabrics are in this 3.5" stack of squares. These are the fabrics I have yet to baste from swaps and new fabrics I've cut into. I still need to go through my folded stash and cut squares from those fabrics. I'm going to hold off on any more swaps until I get more of these fabrics basted.

Hexagon Charm Quilt :: Progress
Here's the box I'm using for hexagon storage with all the necessary supplies.

Hexagon Charm Quilt :: Progress
And this is an adorable little box I found in the school supply section at Target. It has a magnetic closure. This collection is so cute I couldn't resist some folders and notebooks too. 

Hexagon Charm Quilt :: Progress
The best part about this box is that it fits in my handbag (I usually carry a big-ish handbag) and holds everything I need to make hexies on the go. Fabric squares, papers, scissors, needle and thread.

Hexagon Charm Quilt :: Progress
My tip for the week: Use old bobbins of thread to baste your hexagons. The bobbins are much more portable than a spool of thread (which wouldn't fit in my new box) and in my case, I have lots of wound bobbins from old clothing projects that I'll likely never use again.

Bobbin Wranglers
If your bobbin thread gets unruly, use some of those little stretchy, fuzzy ponytail holders to wrangle the thread. Don't overpay buying them at the sewing store, just buy them at the drugstore.

There are 175 members in the hexagon charm quilt flickr pool! I really need to spend some time over there admiring all the beautiful work everyone is sharing. If you are in need of fabrics for your quilt, there are a number of swaps going on also, so check out the discussions.

Thanks for the love on the cheater fabric. So far, I've only received the initial FQ I ordered before I entered the contest. Those poor guys must be overwhelmed with orders. I've ordered additional yardage to cut into FQs, so I'll let you know as soon as I receive the yardage. I'll get another post together, maybe for tomorrow, with my thoughts on how the fabric turned out.

So, how is your hexagon quilt coming along?