Thursday, June 26, 2014

Journal Making Video

I've been a journal making fool lately and I made a little video of the process.
It is long, but it's kind of fun to watch if you are into this sort of thing. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vintage Blocks Jackpot

Vintage Quilt Blocks 4
I feel like I hit the vintage quilt block jackpot with these blocks! I went to a "digger style" estate sale a month or so ago and found 12 of these 17" blocks. This sale was advertised as a "digger" as it was necessary to get down on your knees and dig through tubs and boxes at your own risk. I wish I'd had some gloves, but being without didn't seem to stop me from diving in.

I think they are a version of the Star of Bethlehem block. The prints themselves are not pieced; that's all Y-seams!

Vintage Quilt Blocks 2

Vintage Quilt Blocks 5

Vintage Quilt Blocks 6

They have some water stains on them, but I'm hesitant to wash them for fear of unraveling, distortion, and shrinkage. I guess I could just sew them into a top, quilt and finish it and then wash the whole thing.

Does anyone have any advice? The ivory background is muslin.

*Sash them with muslin or a Kona solid to match one of the solids in the blocks.
* Find enough of a vintage fabric that coordinates and use that for sashing.
* Sew them together as is and add a border with a coordinating solid or vintage print. Maybe a navy polka-dot? They are about 17" and I have 12, so if they finish at 16" (once I square them up), a 3 x 4 layout would make a top 48 x 64" before sashing or borders.

I really want to finish these into a useful quilt. I love the idea of seeing this through for whoever took the time to hand piece all these blocks.

Oh, and I paid $1 each for them. ☺

Handmade Journals

Let's just pretend that I haven't been absent from the blog for eight months.
Just where does the time go?

I've been making handmade journals lately.  I love that it combines two of my favorite things... paper and sewing. The first journal I made after taking Mary Ann Moss' Remains of the Day e-course was for my mother and I gave it to her for her birthday. BTW, Mary Ann's course is fantastic.

The second one I made is mine (below) and I've been using it on occasion to document my days. I uploaded some photos of it to Flickr today,
so I thought I might share them here also.

Closed journal.
ROD Journal #2 (1)

The entire cover.
ROD Journal #2 (17)

ROD Journal #2 (2)
Inside the front cover.

Some pages I've journaled on.
ROD Journal #2 (3)

ROD Journal #2 (4)

ROD Journal #2 (5)

ROD Journal #2 (6)

ROD Journal #2 (7)

ROD Journal #2 (9)

And some of the blank pages in the back. It's not even half full yet.
ROD Journal #2 (13)

ROD Journal #2 (11)

I've probably made a dozen journals so far...
Journal Pages

Collecting vintage papers, books, postcards, and ephemera from estate sales
has become a regular thing for me. I love the hunt!
More journals

The solid red one is a Midori-style leather journal.
I LOVED making it and can't wait to start using it. I bought some beautiful
pieces of leather, so there will be more Midori-style journals in my future.
The open book below I've been using for an inspiration notebook.

I even sold one in my Etsy shop!  I love the one I sold; I really hope
it's new owner enjoys filling it with her memories and treasures.
handmade smash journal cover

handmade smash journal 4

handmade smash journal 5

So, obviously, I'm hooked. I even dug all my papermaking bins and screens out of the basement so I could make some handmade paper to add to journals. I'm hoping to get some more listed in my Etsy shop soon. There's no way I can use all these myself, but I can't stop making them!

Sorry these photos are so small. I haven't used Flickr much since the new interface was rolled out and I guess I used preview images that were too small. I really don't like the new Flickr format; maybe I'm just resisting change.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Vdaim Scrap Quilt

Remember all those vintage, hand cut two inch squares I mentioned at the bottom of this post? I've been trying to think of a way to use them. I tried sewing them up with some of my scraps and a pretty Delft blue Kona, but it wasn't enjoyable.

Postage Stamp Border Blocks
The two inch size of the hand cut squares is not consistent and it made matching the seams a real pain. There was a lot of stretching and pinning involved and in the end, they are still distorted.

Sewing Scraps
I was playing with the hand cut scraps this morning with some of the scraps from my overflowing scrap bins and thought that if I trimmed a few of them down (to 1.5" x 2" or so) and then sew them together, it would create more of a brick pattern and I wouldn't have to match the seams.

Let's see, stretching and pinning hundreds and hundreds of two inch squares or willy-nilly sewing them together with abandon? Willy-nilly it is!

intentionally mismatched intentionally  mismatched 2
I figured that with seams that wonky, I needed to give my quilt a name to help explain the mess. I Googled the names that initially came to mind, but they were all taken... hot mess, vomit, etc. 

The following is a transcript of what went on in my head:
I could just call it the Visually Disturbing quilt because that's exactly what it will be, visually disturbing. But then it's nickname would be "the VD quilt" and nobody wants to cuddle up under that. Maybe something like the Intentionally Crooked Visually Disturbing quilt?  No, that acronym is ICVD. Again, gross. Replace "crooked" with "mismatched"? IMVD? Um, nope. Flip it around? Yea, that's it!

The Visually Disturbing And Intentionally Mismatched scrap quilt.
I'll call it the "VDAIM" for short.

So, I present you with the first four blocks of my VDAIM scrap quilt. 
I'm going to square them into 12.5" blocks and wait until I have more blocks before sewing them together.

After typing this post, I thought I should probably Google VDAIM and make sure it doesn't mean something inappropriate. Guess what? Vdaim is already in the Urban Dictionary! Here's the definition:
1. vdaim

1. Departing from a recognized, conventional, or established norm or pattern.

1. An individual who deviates markedly from an established norm, especially a person of odd or unconventional behavior.
2. Physics. An oblong solid mass that has properties somewhat defiant of gravity; Similar to a gyroscope.
Mary: "Have you seen Frank?"
Jessi: "Nah that kid's vdaim"

Departing from the conventional norm or pattern? Yes, I think this name fits. And, there truly is nothing new under the sun.