Sunday, February 27, 2011

Loops of Love (aka Single Girl)

I had the most wonderful weekend with my quilty friends! There was lots of sewing, lots of great conversation, lots of laughter, and lots of good food!  So, what did I accomplish this weekend?

I only accomplished one thing...

I finished my king-size Loops of Love (aka Single Girl) quilt top!

I worked on this monster almost non-stop from Thursday night until Sunday afternoon.  I'm just thrilled I was able to finish this top in one weekend! I still need to add the white borders to the top and bottom edge, but then I'll ready to sandwich and quilt. 

I used the entire line of Katie Jump Rope and mixed in some Flea Market Fancy. I love the way it turned out; those two collections seem to be made for one another. I really want to hand quilt this behemoth, so it may be a while before you see it finished, but I'm anxious to get started.

Are you making a Single Girl quilt too? Check out the SGSG on flickr while I go order a really big piece of batting.