Sunday, November 22, 2009

Summer Nightie from One Yard Wonders

I finished the Summer Nightie from One Yard Wonders this afternoon.  I love this fabric, but it's not something I would ever decorate with (it's just not right for my home) and it's not something I'd wear out during the day, so I thought this would be the perfect project for it.   I can't wait to wash it so it gets all soft and cozy.

The nightie itself is really short on me, so I think I'll make the little sleep shorts to go with it.  I have plenty of this fabric.

Thoughts on this project:
1. I made the small and if you use packaged bias tape, it will take every inch of the 3 yards in the package; there's nothing to spare, so be careful.
2. The small triangles (which create the top) are really small.  It fits me fine, there's just not a lot of coverage, if you know what I mean.
3. If I did this project again, I would cut four triangles for the top so I could make them lined and have a place to hide the seam allowances by folding them up inside the triangle and blind stitching it closed by hand.


Anonymous said...

LOVE your finished product. Am cutting mine out today, but am a bit stumped: are both skirt pieces the same size? The instructions seem to indicate that they are, but the back looks smaller than the front on the cutting diagram. Thanks! Meredith in Austin

Kirsten RR said...

I just made this top as well, you are right about the bias tape, I must have been too generous when making the top and as a result ran out of tape for the bottom. I ended up just hemming the whole thing. If I could go back I would have just made the bottom a little less wide to accomedate my mistake.