Monday, February 23, 2015

My Farmer's Wife quilt

Farmers Wife

I can't believe it, but I FINALLY finished the blocks for my Farmer's Wife quilt! I started on this quilt in the summer of 2011.  I made 71 blocks from the book and threw in one of my own.

Farmers Wife

Farmer's Wife templates
Because I'm not a fan of paper piecing, all but two of my blocks were made using templates. For the squares, rectangles, and triangles, I just made notes on the template sizes and used the dimensions to cut the pieces, but I used the laminated templates for all of the angular or oddly sized pieces.

Farmers Wife
Unfortunately, I got a little bitter about this quilt over time. It was a lot of work fiddling with all the templates and cutting for only one block at a time, so in the end, I was desperate to just get it done. 

Farmers Wife
Here it is with all the finished blocks! If you look in the top left corner, there's an airplane in my Farmer's Wife quilt. I decided to put it in for two reasons. One, because I made that block a while back for my husband; I'm not a farmer's wife, but I am a pilot's wife. And two, because the thought of making one more stinkin' block for this quilt made me want to pile it up with some leaves and toss in a lit match.

I still need to add the border, but I was so excited to get the blocks finished that I just had to take a photo and share my excitement that the top is almost finished! I can't decide how wide to make the border or if I want to do just a plain black dot border or incorporate the grey seeds in the border too.

Hopefully, I can muster the discipline to see this thing through to completion before starting something else, but honestly, I kind of doubt it.


Lynette said...

Hey!! Way to go! I really love that you put the plane in there. Very nice setting fabric for these, too. :D WHOOP WHOOP for sure! I made a Dear Jane top, so I know very well the excitement of finally getting to this point.

mary truax said...

wow. that is some wonderful quilt. love the fabrics and the way you made the pattern your own.

Missy Shay said...

iT LOOKS GREAT! That is the very reason I do not start that quilt, it just looks like a lot of work!

Kathinca said...

I can imagine you got fed up with it. I am working on mine still on and off but still love it. I really like your version and think it was worth making.

Delta456 said...

It is BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job!

milainoa said...

Creo que merece la pena el trabajo que te as toado haciendo la manta es genial, por favor terminala te quedara preciosa....
un abrazo..

Rhonda Kay said...

Wow, this is so absolutely gorgeous!! I vote all your frustration and potential bitterness was well worth it and will hopefully be replaced with pride and joy when it's finally finished. Beautiful quilting, Melanie!