Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vintage Blocks Jackpot

Vintage Quilt Blocks 4
I feel like I hit the vintage quilt block jackpot with these blocks! I went to a "digger style" estate sale a month or so ago and found 12 of these 17" blocks. This sale was advertised as a "digger" as it was necessary to get down on your knees and dig through tubs and boxes at your own risk. I wish I'd had some gloves, but being without didn't seem to stop me from diving in.

I think they are a version of the Star of Bethlehem block. The prints themselves are not pieced; that's all Y-seams!

Vintage Quilt Blocks 2

Vintage Quilt Blocks 5

Vintage Quilt Blocks 6

They have some water stains on them, but I'm hesitant to wash them for fear of unraveling, distortion, and shrinkage. I guess I could just sew them into a top, quilt and finish it and then wash the whole thing.

Does anyone have any advice? The ivory background is muslin.

*Sash them with muslin or a Kona solid to match one of the solids in the blocks.
* Find enough of a vintage fabric that coordinates and use that for sashing.
* Sew them together as is and add a border with a coordinating solid or vintage print. Maybe a navy polka-dot? They are about 17" and I have 12, so if they finish at 16" (once I square them up), a 3 x 4 layout would make a top 48 x 64" before sashing or borders.

I really want to finish these into a useful quilt. I love the idea of seeing this through for whoever took the time to hand piece all these blocks.

Oh, and I paid $1 each for them. ☺


Unknown said...

You are one lucky girl!!! What a gorgeous find. I am just a little bit (SO) jealous. I think muslin sashing with vintage fabric cornerstones would be lovely.

kelli said...

What a great find! I say no sashing but figure a way to get the navy polka dot fabric in there...vintage blocks with a modern twist. ~ksp

marcille said...

I like the idea of sashing and cornerstones; but I also think setting them on point with muslin setting triangles and then your navy border might be nice too

Nancy said...

They are gorgeous. They make me think of the swoon blocks but way much better!! Sashing and cornerstones would be beautiful but color? You'll know when you see it! Congratulations on your beautiful find.

milainoa said...

Fantasticas. un abrazo....

Missy Shay said...

How fun! I just got a vintage quilt top that is kind of musty, and all of the ladies said they would quilt it before washing it.
I kind of like the way they look without a sashing.
Maybe a small, solid inner border and a wider vintage looking outer border?

Anonymous said...

Wow! those look like Carpenters wheel blocks. You can also frame a few !

Judymc said...

I think they have a lot of 1940's fabrics. What a find! Put them on a design wall for a few weeks and they will "tell" you how they should be put together.

MamaDoc said...

I suggest sashing with a print - maybe a darker blue/purple vintage style - I would use modern fabric unless you hit the jackpot again and easily find what you want in the vintage category. I agree with finishing them into a quilt before trying to wash them - then I'd do a cold water gentle cycle wash with specialty quilt soap and about 4 color catchers. (another reason to use modern fabric would be to further stabilize this quilt and minimize bleeding risk). After the first wash if the stains are still there I'd wash it again with that retro fabric wash before drying it. You may be surprised that washing it actually unmasks some additional stains, but honestly I think they would add to this quilt's charm.