Monday, May 31, 2010

Paintbox Quilt Top

On Saturday, I attended Dallas Modern Quilt Guild's Saturday Sew. It was such fun to meet fellow bloggers and to spend a day in a room of ladies who love to sew and quilt. I had been putting off the sashing for the Paintbox quilt, so I took it with me on Saturday. I arrived in the morning with a stack of 80 blocks and two yards of Kona charcoal and left with a finished quilt top. It was a super productive day.

I really like the way it turned out. I must credit Kim with the charcoal sashing idea. I was thinking of hand quilting this one and a fellow hand-quilter at the Saturday Sew had the marvelous idea of quilting in in full color. 

This morning I matched up Kona cottons to DMC cottons. My dilemma? Buying 37 DMC pearl cotton balls at approximately $2.50 per ball (plus shipping) is a little too much to spend on quilting one quilt in my opinion. So, I think I may try using the variegated pearl cotton because I could likely get away with using only 14 colors/balls. I bought some size 5 pearl cotton skeins yesterday (because they are readily available and only $1.50 each), but I don't really like hand quilting with size 5, so I'll have to order the size 8 balls if I can't find them locally. The one shop I can think of that may have them in stock is closed today for the holiday.

Shea is out of school for the summer and has spent the last four days swimming. The temperature is already in the mid 90's here in Texas and the forecasted high for Saturday is 102° (39° C). Ugh.

If you are in the states, I hope you are enjoying your long Memorial Day weekend. Remember to take a moment today to honor those who have paid the ultimate price while serving our country. 


Cardygirl said...

Great quilt...sounds like fun quilting with colours!

Abby said...

It was great meeting you Saturday! Can't wait to see the finished paintbox!

Valentina said...

What a great quilt! Oh, you will have such fun quilting this beauty!
grin... The charcoal is sheer brilliance...

Catherine said...

This is going to look great quilted in the different colours. Interested to see what pattern you will do.

Christina said...

Beautiful quilt! Can't wait to see how you end up quilting it. I'm just loving the Kona charcoal right now. Can't believe how quickly you got that quilt top together.

Seems we're having the complete opposite weather right now. :) Cool and overcast here, looks like it could rain any minute.