Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Friday

I don't have much worthwhile to say today, but I wanted to post, so here we go. It's RaNdOM fRiDaY!

I was inspired by Nichole's pinwheel sampler blocks and decided to try one. I loved making it, so yesterday I made a few more after deciding to cut into my Hope Valley. I guess I'm joining the Pinwheel Sampler Quilt-Along at P.S. i quilt?

I hate irons. I've bought really cheap ones and really expensive ones and they all have the same flaw; they leak! What I haven't bought is an iron with a separate water tank. I think that's what I need! In school, we had these fabulous industrial irons with a hose that siphoned water from a big five gallon water bottle on the floor next to the ironing board. Those irons were awesome! But, that horrible iron above started leaking water yesterday and got everything wet, the ironing board, the floor, and my foot (which luckily, is waterproof).

So, I bought two cheap irons yesterday. It was Shea's suggestion to buy two so that I have one on hand when this one dies it's leaky death. I spent an entire $6.24 on this iron and it's really not bad. It doesn't have a steam burst button, but it was SIX DOLLARS. While buying my $6 irons, I passed the TV trays and decided to grab one to try Elizabeth's idea and make a TV Tray Pressing Table. I love it.

And since it is rAnDoM fRidaY, here are the birds that were in my yard (and across the street) yesterday.
A female Northern Cardinal,

an adorable little Killdeer,

a not-particularly-attractive unidentified female Brown Headed Cowbird
who was eating "things" out of the grass,

and his/her not-particularly-attractive sidekick who appeared
to be the lookout.  I haven't tried too hard to figure out what
these little guys are, but I'll look through my books later.
[A fellow birder on flickr helped me identify these little ladies.]

Lastly, I thought I'd share my real workspace, where I'll be for the remainder of the day and likely a portion of tomorrow. "Real" is this case, means the one where I actually make money rather than, well, you know, exchange it for pieces of woven cotton which I cut up and then sew back together. The sewing machine constantly beckons me from the other side of the room.

Happy weekend! 


Meg said...

I also have a problem with my irons leaking. I guess I should really stop buying the cheap ones, but I can't help it...cheapness is in my blood! Your workspace is very clean compared to mine; I guess i have to start cleaning it. I love your random quilt blocks, as the randomness of it is really beautiful :)

Unknown said...

I have to say I have never had an iron leak. But I usually buy a more expenseive one, at half price, so I spend around $65 NZD. That's mainly because I need one that beeps when I have left it on, or I would have burnt the house down by now.

Denise :) said...

Irons drive me nuts. I'd *really* like that mega high priced super steam iron that I've seen at the AQS shows the last couple of years. But I simply cannot (yet) justify the money for an iron. *sigh*

I love your pinwheels -- too cute! I think it does indeed look like you've signed on for the long haul!

You work from home? How nice! Happy weekend! :)

Nichole said...

your pinwheels look great! those blocks have been so enjoyable to make. i really like the hope valley and the white!

i have recently been having similar frustrations with my iron as well. when i first started quilting i bought a black and decker iron and it was AWESOME. last fall it died (*tears*) and i haven't been able to find a decent one to replace it. i am on my second one and it has recently started leaking. so irritating! i just want my black and decker back! :(

mrsc1345 said...

Cute sewing space!! The reason you hate your iron is the same reason you will hate all irons, science. The rubber seals inside your iron will change size as they get hot from your iron, and this causes leaks. As your iron fluctuates in temperature (using too much so it loses heat, not using it so the automatic timer kicks on turning off the heat) you will get little (or big) drops of water. The cheaper the iron, the cheaper the seal and the faster/worse the leakage will be. If you must have a steamy iron to be happy, wait until your iron is hot before you put water in, and drain the water from the tank when you are done to best avoid leaks. For me, I bought a $1 spray bottle from Ikea that I fill with water and put near my station and it works better than any steam iron I've owned. Also, I don't burn my fingers that way from a steaming iron. Phew. Everything you never wanted to know about irons!! I have got to make myself a tv tray, btw!

Kelly @Indiana Inker said...

Your quilt is looking good! I love the pressing table idea!! Thanks for sharing. That would be a great addition to my craft room.

Anonymous said...

I have a Black & Decker iron. I've had it for years (this sucker made it through 4 years of college, with 5 roommates) and the only time it leaks is when I don't give the water a few minutes to heat up.

renee said...

i bought 2 flat irons. one is proably from the 1930's or 40's. before they added holes an steam. they are great to iron everything.

Yvonne Randall said...

I totallt feel the iron pain. I have yet another one that leaks.
What I do is keep the one that leeks to use in the craft room for dry ironing. As long as you don't need steam they are fine. They are especially good when you iron something that glitters. You don't want glitter over all of the jumpers that you wear.

Kris Kuip said...

Because we live in an area with hard mineral depositing water, I tend to use a spray bottle instead of the reservoir in the iron itself. Plus to get a better ironed seam or wrinkles smoother, I tend to put in a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of water and vinegar. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I've had two of those high price, automatic lift irons. works good until the touch dots wear off. i quilt lots so i get about two years out of it. i use the card table for a cutting/pinning/sorting table right beside my machine.

Julie Schubert said...

Hello, I just want to say I got so tired of leaky irons that I don't put water in my iron anymore. I use a squirt bottle and a dry iron. It works!!