Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Thanksgiving adventure.

I hope you and yours had a lovely Thanksgiving! For only the second time in my life, we left Fort Worth for Thanksgiving. The only other time was in 1999 when my husband and I went to Paris and then to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany to visit his sister who was living there at the time.  My husband skied, but I was pregnant with our daughter, so I didn't get to ski the Alps.

Thanksgiving gang in Colorado
Last week, we went to South Fork, Colorado and skied Wolf Creek. That's our gang above without my husband who was taking the photo. My daughter was the only kiddo, but she was a real trooper. The guy in the middle with the white snowboard is my brother and his sweet wife next to him (in blue) is giggling behind her board.  The couples on either end are friends.

Thanksgiving in Colorado
The weather was absolutely beautiful for skiing. Wolf Creek had received over 100" of snow and the entire mountain was open.

Thanksgiving in Colorado
The last day I tried my luck on a blue run. That was a big deal for me, because I'm a bunny slope kind of girl. The view from the top was breathtaking. I did wipe out four times on the way down, but no yard sales and I was able to get myself up and keep going. I hadn't fallen until our last day and I knew it was coming. I wish I had wiped out the first day and gotten it out of the way so I wouldn't have been such a scaredy-cat. I think I had more fun after I finally fell!

I also wish I had more photos, but we were about two hours from home when I realized I'd left my camera behind! I was so upset! We've got a few phone photos like the ones above, but I'll have to rely on my unreliable memory for the rest. Wanna hear some good news though? Guess what I dug out to work on during the drive there and back? The hexagon charm quilt. It's been hibernating, but I may have rekindled my desire to finish that beast. I'll save the grizzly details for another post.

Containing the Hot Mess
On the drive home, I also drew up a layout for the Hot Mess Plus and X quilt from my last post. I worked on the actual quilt this afternoon and I like where it's going. I think I have a layout that will contain the chaos, but still lets the scrappy goodness sing. I'll share more later. Right now, I need to clean up my room. I'm having aplaydate tomorrow! My sweet friend, Steph, is coming over to sew for the day. Life is good.


Pieces to Love said...

sewing play dates are the best

JanuaryT said...

That sounds like so much fun! This is so weird, I just saw a tutorial for this quilt on a blog yesterday & thought how cool it is. Then today I was looking on flickr and found a bee for this block starting in January. I wonder what this all means. :) Also I live in Fort Worth and can't wait to join the modern quilt guild.

Michelle K said...

Bummer about the camera! Other than that it sounds like an amazing trip. By the way, is that EQ in the background?.....Can't wait to see more about this quilt.

Tiara said...

Sounds like quite a change in weather from Texas! Glad you had a wonderful holiday

Carmen El costurero con duende said...

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Un gran abrazo.