Monday, November 14, 2011

Sew to Swap Blog Hop

If you've been following the Sew to Swap blog hop, I'm sure you've seen some great previews of this gorgeous book.  I'm still so thrilled that Chrissie asked me to be a part of this lovely book and I'm honored to be in the company of the talented folks who also contributed to this book.

I mentioned to you in a previous post that this book is beautiful.  The illustrations by Ariel Eldridge are stunning.  I wish I had some of these to hang in my sewing space!

Chrissie's directions and clearly written and she includes everything you need to know about getting into sewing swaps.  The book also features a lot of great general sewing information which I think makes it perfect for the beginner and more advanced sewers alike.  Topics such as fabric grain, choosing fabrics and colors, pressing, and rotary cutting are covered in detail.

Throughout the book, there are little sidebars called "Ask the contributors" with answers to a questionnaire we were asked to complete.  For some reason, most of my answers came across as kind of, well, anal-retentive.  If you know me personally, I'm sure you know I'm not really as uptight as my answers make me sound.  At least, I hope that's the case.

Anyway, a couple of weekends ago, I attended a quilting retreat with some of my awesome quilting friends from the Dallas MQG and the Fort Worth MQG.  I think they got a real kick out of me reading my answers aloud in my snobbiest voice and they got some serious mileage out of my "snacks while sewing" comment (above).  (I did notice that John and Nettie aren't into sticky fingers either, so I'm in some good company.)  But, it was just too funny at the retreat when Angie tore into a big bag of jalapeno Cheetos right next to me.  Ah, good times!  I was debating using this new header for my blog:

I'm glad I could provide them with a few laughs.  I doubt they are finished with me.  ;-)

I was able to participate in four projects in the book. 

The hexagon table runner 
That's my orange hexie at the top and on the book's cover. 

 The curvy block swap
My block is in the lower right corner of the quilt, 

and it also go a really nice full-page photo!

The scrapbuster swap, which was really fun.
My block is the middle right of the photo above.

 And, the wonky siggy swap.

My wonky star made it into another full page photo!

If you are thinking that after this fabulous book tour, you don't even need a copy, think again!  This book is a must-have for your sewing library.  So if you haven't ordered your copy yet, I've got good news!  You can purchase Sew to Swap now for just $14.99 ($10 off the retail price!)  Visit the Martha Pullen Online Store and enter SEW2SWAP at checkout to receive the discount*!

Thank you for stopping by on my blog hop day!  If you haven't visited all the hop stops before mine, use the list below as a tour guide.  Visit those you haven't and stay tuned for ten more days of previews and tidbits about the book!

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*Offer expires Nov 30, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. Special Price in US Dollars, for items that are “in stock” only. Martha Pullen Company reserves the right to correct pricing errors.


Anonymous said...

The new header you were debating about using cracks me up. I would've love to have seen your face when those jalapeno Cheetos came out. Congrats on being in the book. It's going on my list of "things I want."

Tiara said...

Your work is Always so beautiful!

Jamie said...

You're such a good sport, Melanie, and a great sewist! Luckily you can laugh at yourself, too!!

Teresa F. said...

The book looks fantastic.I'd love to have one.

Barbara S said...

Thanks for sharing this Melanie!

angie said...

Melanie...loved sitting by are a constant inspiration! :)
Hope I didn't spread too much "cheesy dust!"

Deb said...

Love that wonky star one!