Friday, June 11, 2010

Another busy week.

It's been a busy another busy week. I only have a few minutes to post, but I thought I'd check in.

The garage slab was poured on Wednesday. This was before. The crew hit bedrock, so Sean had to rent a jackhammer and it took an extra day to jackhammer the ditches for the beams. At least we know the slab won't be moving. The family room and master suite will be above the garage. It's the size of a four car garage since it will also house the airplane Sean is building. (Yes, I park my car next to a pair of airplane wings in my garage.)

Dirt work for the slab addition that will be my sewing room, powder room, and Shea's bathroom. I think this was on June 5th.

And here's that same spot yesterday. What a difference a few days makes! That room with the ladder is my sewing room. We need to get the tree trimmer to come trim up that pecan tree soon.

I've been sewing during swim team every day.

It's nice to have hand work projects that are so portable.

It's also fun to have little girls stop to see what I'm working on. 


woolwoman said...

Hi Melanie - I'm Melody and I found your blog thru Siobhan - a stitching friend in Ireland who has been "hexed" - I am very interested in maybe starting a hexagon design - I've been doing a little research since I am not a quilter but a hooker and stitcher. I LOVE the little mini quilt you showed that was hand quilted and pieced with perle cotton - What a haul you made on that collection of perle - I'll enjoy keeping up with your blog now that I've been introduced and properly "hexed" Cheers! Melody

Rhonda said...

He fellow Texan. Is it raining you our as it is here in central Texas near Tyler? I'm about to float away.
The hexagons are looking good and yes, it's great to have something to work on when you're out of the home.
Have a great weekend!!!

Emily said...

Heehee! I have swim team girls too and how I would love to sit there for all those hours-on-end with a stack of sewing! Great idea! I love that the little girls stop and see what you are working on - that is awesome!

Pia Merete said...
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Pia Merete said...


I just want to ask you - if the frame you use for quilting is square and did you buy it or is it homemade.I wonder if my husband can make one for me?

Many greatings from Denmark :-)

- Pia