Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Shopping

My mom and I went to the Dallas Quilt Show yesterday.  I found the things on my list and more.

YLI hand quilting thread, 1" pre-cut hexagon papers, and some great FQ finds...

including buying out of all the Peas & Carrots fabric from a rural Texas quilt shop!

Because of an alarm clock/daylight savings time mishap, we missed church this morning.  I hope that the Lord doesn't mind that I went to Target rather than being an hour late for church. I picked up some things for my sewing room,

a nightie for me, some sundresses for my me and my daughter, and an un-pictured shirt and boxers for the hubby.

And, a couple of cute totes.  It was very hard to exercise restraint.  Very hard.

I'm out of batting, so I can't finish this up the New Wave quilt until I do some more shopping, 

but, I'm loving the way it's coming together!


Catherine said...

Nice additions to your stash! Havn't heard of YLI hand quilting thread down in NZ. Is it worth seeking out? Love those storage boxes!

Unknown said...

Great additions to your stash! Glad you found 1" hexagon pieces. I totally forgot about Liberty of London being at Target today. I best get myself there soon.

machen und tun said...

wow, look at those yards of peas and carrots! you lucky girl!!

Cristin said...

Wow what great finds at the Quilt Show!!! The Peas & Carrots are to die for! :-)
I need to make it to my LQS too... has been a while since I've added to my stash... sigh...

Shari Lidji said...

Hi there Melanie, Callie told me about you and the Modern Quilt Guild. Can I join your group????
You and I like to do lots of the same things. I might've even run into you at Target yesterday morning! I love the things you picked out.

Hope to hear from you.

Elizabeth said...

I wish our local quilt show had fabric finds like that. Down here in the Rio Grande Valley, it's like a time warp in the 80's with lots of brown, peach and mauve calicos. The most modern line I saw was a few prints from the Happy Campers collection. Sigh. I need to visit my friends and relations up in Dallas soon.

I scored myself a Liberty of London dress that I'm saving to wear on Easter. I really had to refrain myself from spending too much of my egg money. I'm trying to buy 1/2 yards of the entire Little Folks line (cha-ching!)

Shelley said...

Just wanted you to know that because of your photos from Target, I HAD to go out and get those bins for my sewing room. I got three of the straight-sided ones for my huge magazine collection and the biggest ones for books! Thanks for showing me your loot so I could figure out exactly what I wanted!