Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm a clutz sometimes.

This post doesn't have much to do with crafting. I'm typing with three fingers on my right (dominant) hand. If you are remotely interested in my tale of woe, here's what happened.

I detailed my car this morning inside and out to get it ready for top-down weather. (I'm a bit of a German car freak.) Top-down season in my part of Texas is almost too short. It gets so hot here in the summer that I feel like a piece of sizzling bacon in a frying pan without a roof covering my head and the air conditioner blasting.

Anyway, I put a gushing gash in the first finger on my right hand just under the nail while washing my car. Something sharp on the windshield wiper had it out for me. After almost passing out twice (I ate a chocolate cupcake to raise my blood sugar and it seemed to help tremendously!), it has finally stopped bleeding.

I feel like such a clutz. Last April I had a run-in with my rotary cutter and sliced into the first finger of my left hand all the way to the bone. If you are brave and like gore, you can see the photo of my frankenfinger here, but I'm warning you, it's graphic! Click at your own risk! I had to have five stitches, but the ER doctor was relieved that I didn't cut into the bone. And, yes, he could see my bone. Please be careful with your rotary cutter. And your windshield wipers.

So, my hand hurts and I can't make hexagons, but my car is really clean.

And so this post isn't all car and frankenfinger related, here's the image I used for my new blog header. We've had some beautiful weather lately and have been outside enjoying it! I hope you are having some lovely weather too.


Meghan said...

Ouch! You're one lucky girl. My dad had an accident working with an angle grinder (about as dangerous as a rotary cutter) and sliced a tendon on his left hand. He had to have surgery and is going through physical therapy to regain use of his index finger.

I feel you on the Texas weather. I was thinking the other day how rare it is that I actually get to open the windows in my apartment. This year seems worse than usual. February was so cold, and now it's already getting into the mid-80s.

I hope you find something to entertain yourself with while your hand heals!

Islay said...

No hexagon sewing! Disaster! Hope your hand is better soon, and I feel for you - I rotaried my finger just the other day, but luckily the blade was on the verge of needing to be replaced, so I didn't make it all the way to the bone.

andie said...

Is that crocheting? It is beautiful!! Do you have a pattern? So much is knitting which I just can't stand, but I love crocheting. Fantastic!! Love it! What are the colors?

Terriaw said...

Youch! My finger hurts just reading this. Nice to have a clean car and decent weather to have the top down, but dang, it's a bummer you can't work on all those hexies you have been so diligent with. The best part of this post - I ADORE your new header! Totally rocks! Hope you heal fast!

Kristyn Knits said...

ouch! I remember slicing my finger on my dad's car bumper. I probably should have gotten stitches...still have the scar. Feel better and enjoy your top down weather!

Jen BK said...

Ai Yi Yi....after a morning of hand piecing I feel your pain so to speak....I'm not sure how I would deal with being out of commission for awhile (I might get some reading done). Here's hoping for a fast heal so you can get back to your hexies soon.

On another note, I just returned from a little top-down trip and it was gorgeous. I don't mind the sizzle I guess, I go "topless" all summer long, hot or not and I sure am glad that Spring is finally here in N.TX.

Someone else ask for a pattern on the afghan....Can you share? It is fabulous!!!!

Catherine said...

OUCH both of your accidents sound painful!! I wasn't brave enough to look at the photo of your rotary cutter accident, imagining was enough! A finger on my right hand has just healed after my cat scratched it right next to the nail. Hope your not out of sewing action too long!

Elizabeth said...

Yikes! I was grimacing while reading your post. Hope your finger feels better soon. :-)